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"Rei" means universal and "ki" is another word for "chi" or energy. Human beings are innately designed to receive and even transmit these finer levels of energy to balance their body's organs, circulation, emotions, and spirit. A practiced Reiki practitioner has the ability to treat a client's entire energy field, leaving them balanced and rested, allowing their own system to heal any disturbances or disease. Some of the top hospitals in the country are integrating Reiki as a part of their more comprehensive patient treatment, recognizing the effectiveness of this ancient healing method.

Reiki is used for basic first aid treatment for injuries, burns, post-operative support, alleviating pregnancy discomforts, supporting the elderly, eliminating depression, and relief from everyday pain, stress, and anxiety. Although never used to substitute orthodox medical attention, it is used to help with the treatment of diseases including cancer.

Stress dissolves and deep relaxation occurs effortlessly as the innate intelligence of the client's system receives just the right amount of Reiki energy to soothe.

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