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Skin Rejuvenation in Jersey City

Harmony Body Rituals

Using different therapeutic parts of superior Thai herbs and plants, our Body Rituals combine their essential oils with a relaxation massage which helps to rebalance, reenergize and restore. Contact Us today for more information on Skin Rejuvenation in Jersey City.

Sranrom | Skin Rejuvenation Jersey City

Radiant Blooms

Sweetly and sensually scented, this true interpretation of Thai flowers featured in Radiant Blooms, offers an exceedingly serene blend of beautifully scented florals for a long-lasting enjoyable moment. The beneficial pollens derived from Jasmine, Lotus, Bunnag, Bullet Wood and Sarapee flowers moistens the skin, giving it a radiant glow. The treatment begins with a deep cleansing using an exfoliating scrub. This is followed by an application of a clay body mask. Your ritual then concludes with a full body massage.

Renewed Energy

Feel the natural hot healing power that roots abundantly absorb from the earth. ‘Renewed Energy’ confers medicinal values secretly contained in Turmeric, Ginseng and Ginger roots, which endows anti-bacterial properties with the rising blend of Plai and Lemongrass to eliminate skin impurities and vividly emblazon energy deep down. The end-result is purified skin and an invigorated mind. The treatment begins with a cleaning gel scrub, followed by an application of a mud body mask to draw out impurities. The service concludes with a full body massage.

Youthful Zest

Luscious fruit enzymes, vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants contained in the flesh and juice of Pomegranate, Longan and Passion Fruit, this body ritual utterly moisturizes and brightens skin, holding powerful anti-aging and wrinkle-defying properties. Meanwhile the blend of tangerine, mandarin, and grapefruit essential oils will invigorate and lift the spirits. The service begins with an application of a body sugar scrub, followed by a gel body mask and concludes with a full body massage.

Urban Wellness Get Lively

A unique, vibrantly aromatic essential oil cocktail blends with invigorating properties of Lime and warming Ginger. Lime oil has long been used to refresh and energize a tired mind. Ginger oil is known for its ability to keep mental energy and ones’ spirits high. This ritual begins with a welcoming head massage using aromatic Pulse Point Roller at the temples and head to soothe tension. This is then followed by a full body exfoliation featuring organic coconut oil, organic shea butter and sun dried sea salt to help exfoliate dead cells and effectively nourish the skin. This ritual then concludes with massage oil to nourish the skin.